The key factor of a successful SEO campaign is the relevance of the data you rely on. We keep eyes on ball and constantly update our data, including the list of locations.
When it comes to local SEO, fully corresponding rankings and reliable PPC data do determine the result for the whole campaign.

That’s why a decent SEO software has to be empowered by a considerable and scalable list of locations. And if you still rely only on country-level targeting, it makes sense to start using more precise localization as DataForSEO constantly improves its locations list.

The link to the file with changed parameters is available. Please, click here.

Within the framework of these changes, “loc_name_canonical” parameter has been adjusted for a number of locations.

However, there is nothing to worry about as all the old locations are available within 30 days.

Please, take your time and update your locations for new ones.

If you are using “loc_id” parameter you don’t need to apply any changes; all IDs have been remaining the same.

You also could notice such a message in your error section:

Please, take note that all the results were received for such tasks and this message is a kind of notification for you about the upcoming changes.

Update your location list and provide your users with more precise localization, so their SEO analysis will be definitely conducted better.