Featured image for Bing keyword data in DataForSEO Labs API

We will start returning Bing keyword data from December 8 in the following API endpoints:

The separate array "bing_keyword_info" will be added. It will contain Bing search volume and its history for a given keyword. It shouldn’t affect your API integration as it will be another array in the existed "keyword_data" array within a response. However, it’s better to double-check how your script handles this to avoid any problems.
You can download an example of the future structure by this link.

On top of that, we will add the field "available_sources" to the Locations and Languages endpoint.
This field will indicate what sources a given combination of location and language supports. Currently, only Google and Bing sources are available; here is a sample of updated response:

    "location_code": 2756,
    "location_name": "Switzerland",
    "location_code_parent": null,
    "country_iso_code": "CH",
    "location_type": "Country",
    "available_languages": [
        "available_sources": [
        "language_name": "German",
        "language_code": "de",
        "keywords": 42500172,
        "serps": 4197020

Click here to download the updated response of Locations and Languages.

Make sure your tool will handle the new field properly or simply ignore it.

The update will be rolled out on December 8.

📎 bing_keyword_info.json
📎 locations_and_languages_new.json