Featured image for Google Shopping: "Best match" label is supported ✔

DataForSEO is starting to return “best match” mark via API. We’ve added a specific field to each result of Google Shopping Tasks.

E-commerce has revolutionized the way people buy the products and companies are doing business.

That’s why we put a particular attention to Merchant API. There are a lot of food for thoughts left regarding what can be built on top of that. Use the power of your imagination 😉

Usually, Google Shopping showcases its users the most appropriate results and labels them as “best match” ones:
So, we have added the field “result_best_match” to the endpoint Google Shopping Tasks.

If a certain result is marked as “best match” this field will have the value “true”, if not – “false”.

You can divide the results based on this field, so you’ll see which ones are likely recommended by Google Shopping and obviously more attractive for its customers.

Update will be applied on September 19.

The sample of code is available by this link.