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DataForSEO introduces a more straightforward way to set keywords at Keyword Data API and DataForSEO Labs API:

  1. We will start converting keywords you specified in the POST array to lower case format. No matter either you specified a single letter in uppercase format or the word, the value of the field will be converted to lower case.

  2. We won’t use URL decoding anymore. We will stop decoding the value you specified, so the returned data will be entirely relevant for the keywords you set.

Changes will be applied on June 17.

This update aims to simplify the way you receive keyword data, free you from converting POST data to lower case and allow you to implement a lot of use cases.

Thanks to this upcoming update, it will be easy to check search volume for keywords with special characters, get keyword ideas for search queries containing different symbols, and more.

The list of fields and endpoints related to the update is provided below:

'keyword' field
DataForSEO Labs API >>> Related Keywords;
DataForSEO Labs API >>> Keyword Suggestions.

'keywords' field
DataForSEO Labs API >>> Keyword Ideas;
DataForSEO Labs API >>> SERP Competitors;
Keyword Data API >>> Search Volume;
Keyword Data API >>> Keywords For Keywords;
Keyword Data API >>> Ad Traffic By Keywords;
Keyword Data API >>> Ad Traffic By Platforms.

'keywords_negative' field
Keyword Data API >>> Keywords For Category;
Keyword Data API >>> Keywords For Keywords.

Generally, it should not affect your projects and collected data. However, take a note that no symbols you specify will be decoded from June 17.

Feel free to contact our customer support for further explanation and any questions that may come up.