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We apply some changes in the response of Keyword Data API v2 and Google Ads API v3.

Sometimes, Google Adwords API (a datasource) does not return any values for search volume, competition, search volume history, and CPC metrics.

We used to display 0 value for some metrics that haven’t actually had any data from Google Adwords API. From now on, every time we don’t get any data from Google, the value will be null.

We assume that Google does not have data for the specified parameters at all, so in this case, DataForSEO API will return the null value, respectively.

Note, if Keyword Data API returns a 0 value, it means that we received this value directly from Google Adwords API.

For instance, if search volume = 0, it simply means that a specified keyword does not have monthly searches according to Google’s data.

The changes will be applied on September 21 and concern all endpoints within the Keyword Data API v2 / Google Ads API v3.

Please, adjust your code to make sure all the values may be handled by your software properly. In particular, put attention to the following fields depending on the API version:

Keyword Data API v2

"cmp": null,
"cpc": null,
"sv": null,
"ms": [
                    "year": 2020,
                    "month": 7,
                    "count": null

Google Ads API v3

"competition": null,
"cpc": null,
"search_volume": null,
"monthly_searches": [
                            "year": 2019,
                            "month": 12,
                            "search_volume": null

I have also attached the file with a new response structure where you can see how the changes will impact the actual API response:
📎 new response example v2-v3.txt

If you have any questions, contact our customer support - they will assist you immediately and answer all your questions.