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Our team is excited to release DataForSEO Labs API - the ultimate source of SEO data for keyword research, market-specific keyword analysis, and best-in-class competitors spying.

Meet DataForSEO Labs API v3 in our docs and feel free to test it right now!

DataForSEO Labs has a set of separate products, which are built with a simple goal — to help you create outstanding features on top of them and collect valuable SEO data.

The updated API replaced Keywords Finder API v2 with new, improved data. Based on valuable suggestions from our clients and our extensive experience we’ve made a few quality enhacements you are able to check below.

Quality enhancements:

  • The database was refined and improved. The filtering options and overral speed are now a way better.

  • Detailed impressions data is presented along with search volume for all keywords in the response. Related Keywords, Keyword Suggestion, Keyword Ideas became the comprehensive source of data for keyword research and its analysis.

Here is the sample of the array with impressions data we started to return:

"impressions_info": {
    "last_updated_time": "2020-02-25T13:16:32",
    "bid": 999,
    "match_type": "exact",
    "ad_position_min": 1.17,
    "ad_position_max": 1,
    "ad_position_average": 1.08,
    "cpc_min": 155.25,
    "cpc_max": 189.75,
    "cpc_average": 172.5,
    "daily_impressions_min": 8406.01,
    "daily_impressions_max": 10274.02,
    "daily_impressions_average": 9340.02,
    "daily_clicks_min": 167.83,
    "daily_clicks_max": 205.13,
    "daily_clicks_average": 186.48,
    "daily_cost_min": 28950.75,
    "daily_cost_max": 35384.25,
    "daily_cost_average": 32167.5

Wondering what is the true meaning of ad impressions?
We’ve got you covered, click here to get familiar.

  • Ranked Keywords and Domain Intersection API were empowered by the real SERP data. You can get the detailed depiction of where and what the keywords your competitors rank for. Reveal where they are listed in SERP and what metrics their keywords have.

The sample of the array with SERP data is below:

  "ranked_serp_element": {
    "serp_item": {
      "type": "organic",
      "rank_group": 93,
      "rank_absolute": 95,
      "position": "left",
      "xpath": "/html[1]/body[1]/div[9]/div[3]/div[9]/div[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[2]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[5]/div[1]/div[82]/div[1]",
      "domain": "dataforseo.com",
      "title": "Google Adwords keyword research tool and planner API ⓴⓳ ...",
      "url": "https://dataforseo.com/apis/keyword-data-api",
      "breadcrumb": "dataforseo.com › apis › keyword-data-api",
      "is_image": false,
      "is_video": false,
      "is_featured_snippet": false,
      "is_malicious": false,
      "description": "DataForSEO ➤➤➤ Keywords Data API ➤➤➤ Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool and Planner API ✓✓✓ Great Speed, Clear Stats, Simple Pricing. Try for ...",
      "pre_snippet": null,
      "extended_snippet": null,
      "amp_version": false,
      "rating": null,
      "highlighted": [
      "links": null,
      "main_domain": "dataforseo.com",
      "relative_url": "/apis/keyword-data-api",
      "etv": 13.86,
      "impressions_etv": null,
      "estimated_paid_traffic_cost": 124.92252233999999
    "check_url": "https://www.google.com/search?q=google%20keywords%20tool&num=100&hl=en&gl=US&gws_rd=cr&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&uule=w+CAIQIFISCQs2MuSEtepUEUK33kOSuTsc",
    "serp_item_types": [
    "se_results_count": 318000000,
    "last_updated_time": "2020-03-12T02:24:34"

Feel free to check out the v3 documentation and learn more.