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Meet Merchant API v3 - your one stop datasource of actionable e-commerce data 🛒

DataForSEO team has rolled out Merchant API v3.

The capabilities were improved, the collection algorithm was enhanced as well as the data provided by this API was extended to let you get a full spectrum of e-commerce insights.

The updated API includes both Google Shopping and Amazon endpoints:

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Products - get top 100 products listed on Google Shopping for the specified parameters.

Google Shopping Sellers - receive a list of sellers who placed a specific product.

Google Shopping Product Specification - get a full detailed description of a certain product from Google Shopping product specification page.

Google Shopping Sellers Ad URL provides you with a a full URL of the advertisement containing all additional parameters set by the seller.


Amazon Products - get top 100 products listed on Amazon for the specified parameters.

Amazon ASIN - receive a full list of ASINs assigned to different modifications of a product.

Feel free to learn more on the Amazon and Google Shopping products pages and start your tests with extensive documentation.