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We have released a long-awaited API that allows to get Google search results for a specific image.

Meet Search By Image API!

You probably already know that 90% of information processed by brain is visual. Visual advertising is the most eye-catching and only visual content helps vendors to go viral.

Eventually, visual search becomes one of the biggest digital marketing trends in 2020.

That’s why DataForSEO has released a solution that allows to receive search results from Google relevant to a specific image.


Search By Image API returns up to 100 Google search results based on a specific image, location, and language parameters. On the image above you can see a sample of SERP which is possible for scraping using new API.

All you need to do is to set a certain image and get the results Google returns for this picture.

In most cases, you will obtain regular organic listings along with similar images and detailed information from the knowledge graph.

Want to try it out?

Learn more in the documentation!