Featured image for New limits for the 'Tasks Ready' endpoints

New limits on the usage of the ‘Tasks Ready’ endpoints have been established to ensure system sustainability and processing the requests with no delays.

From now on, we set the following limits for all endpoints that return the list of completed tasks:

  • You can make 20 API calls per minute to the ‘tasks_ready’ endpoints;
  • The returned list contains the tasks completed within three previous days only.

Please note, the mentioned limits are applied only to the ‘tasks_ready’ endpoints. The functions for setting a task and getting its results are not affected by any changes.

Generally, requesting any ‘tasks_ready’ endpoint, you are able to retrieve up to 1000 tasks within one request. So, new limits allow you to receive up to 20 000 completed tasks per minute. Based on our investigation, it is more than enough for all users who request the corresponding endpoints.

The tasks will remain the list within three days after its completion, so you have 72 hours to collect the results, which will ensure you get up-to-date rankings, keyword data, or any other information you receive from DataForSEO API.

Feel free to contact customer support if your project requires a custom solution, or you have any questions about the update.