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A new filed will be added to the response of On-Page API.
We will showcase if a certain page has a redirect with the new boolean field:

When it comes to efficient SEO software, technical checkups, and website audit are indispensable features.

So, the maintenance and improvement of On-Page API is very important for us for sure.
As we mentioned, a new field will be added to the response of ‘Get Pages’ function within On-Page API:

"have_redirect": false,

Just a few ideas on how to use it:

  1. Showcase if a particular page has a redirect, so users can check it it works properly.
  2. Allow users to see all the pages with redirects to reveal the potential problems. Use the endpoint ‘Get filtered pages’ and filter the results by a new field.
  3. Implementation of 301 redirects requires adjusting some other parameters as well. Let your users check if the pages with redirects have a proper configuration with other On-Page API benchmarks.

The update will be rolled out on September 26.
Please, apply the necessary changes and don’t miss out an ability to empower your website audit tool!

Click here to download a sample with updated structure.