Featured image for Pixel Ranking - Your Ultimate Rank Tracking KPI 🎯

DataForSEO has enriched SERP API with the Pixel Ranking feature.

Pixel Ranking refers to the number of pixels between element website ranks in, and the top of the page. The higher your Pixel Ranking, the less visible your site is from the top of the page.

By knowing how far down you are on the results page, you can adapt the format of your SEO content to ensure your website ranks for SERP features that are currently above.

How to check the Pixel Ranking?

Pixel Rankings are currently supported in the Google Organic SERP Advanced and Google News SERP APIs.

If you want to try it out, specify the following field when setting a task:
"calculate_rectangles": true

In the results, every SERP listing will have the following array:

"rectangle": {
  "x": 181,
  "y": 360,
  "width": 652,
  "height": 176

What is the value of this feature?

If search results are overwhelmed by SERP features, the first organic positions will get less and less traffic from search. Website owners might complain that SEO is not working even though they have decent rankings.

The simple reason is that their search visibility is measured wrong.
Take a look at the following screenshot from Google Search:

Both website will have the organic rank #1, but obviously their visibility and click-through-rate are different.

It’s getting worse when it comes to smaller screen sizes. You need to scroll your mobile screen down to see organic listings that will certainly turn out to less number of impressions.

That’s where the Pixel Ranking feature comes in handy. It serves as a better alternative to traditional rankings showing precise information about visibility of your website in the SERP.

Feel free to test the new feature, but check our developers documentation first.