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DataForSEO starts returning the latest date when AdWords data was updated in the AdWords Status endpoint.

From now on, the mentioned endpoint will provide more information and show the exact date of the last update, the particular month and year for which the newest data is available.

Generally, Google updates keyword data (search volume, CPC, competition) for the previous month gradually during the second week of the current month. As usual, the update is completed until the middle of the month.

You are able to make an API call to the following endpoint to know the last updating date of Google AdWords data:

Here is a sample of the β€˜result’ array with new fields:

"result": [
"actual_data": false,
"date_updated" : "2020-05-15",
"last_year_in_monthly_searches": 2020,
"last_month_in_monthly_searches": 4

Learn more about the updated endpoint in our documentation.